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What is IMYPATH?

IMYPATH is a social networking platform that allows people to communicate, connect, and socialize, with individuals in a variety of specific categories of interest anywhere in the world! One purpose of “IMYPATH is to allow people to connect with supporters, friends, and role models in any category the user selects instantly.

How does IMYPATH work?

IMYPATH functions by providing users the flexibility to control what they see, while connecting them to everyone on the planet that is in the same category instantly.

The Category List

We have created a revolutionary search feature that returns the power back to the user! Instead of viewing random feeds on your wall we have created a more concise means of communicating, viewing, distributing and receiving information.

  • When you sign up to IMYPATH you will create your profile, afterwards you can either create or select a category you wish to be a part of.
  • Searching through the category list enables you to have total control over what you choose to view. You can also choose to un-support a category or support another category at any given time. However only 3 categories can be selected at once. This allows user to focus on what they really want to see and get the most out of every single image, audio or video they post, as post in individual categories are first come first serve! This will allow someone who just joins IMYPATH post to be seen by 100s, 1,000s, even 1,000,000s of IMYPATH users instantly.
  • You can focus your searches in numerous ways such as searches by category with username, city, state, or country through the search feature which connects to the category list.
  • Because your post are placed into a category list that connects with the world, you have the potential to market your work, self, and ideas to millions even possibly billions of people and leaders at once. This enables you, as an aspiring individual to have access to the world at once as a powerful marketing force.
  • Anyone can create a category however, low performing categories with little or no users will eventually be deleted.
  • The category list evolves as more people join and create categories. Searching for categories will be the new way of searching for things that users are interested in.
  • Additionally, if you wish to market yourself or your business, IMYPATH will allow you to sign an IMYPATH Business Contract that will ensure your created category, business, or company is placed in the Paid Category section for a specified amount of time agreed upon by the IMYPATH Business contract. Contact IMYPATH via email regarding IMYPATH business contracts . IMYPATH also uses Category Moderators to ensure that all Categories are bieng used appropriatly. As IMYPATH is a ‘No Pop up Ads Platform.” This will allow users, business, and companies to promote themselves in a non-intrusive way. This is revolutionary as users can simply support another users, business, or company’s category to see everything associated with that category at once. Users, Business and Companies can also communicate with all their employees or peers at once using their specific created category.
Our Rating System:

Our rating system provides users, business, companies and aspiring professionals a platform to accelerate their lives or business by being ranked amongst their peers and consumers. The purpose of the rating system is to provide IMYPATH users the ability to choose the best and brightest, so that peers, companies, businesses, and the world recognize who is the apex of their respective categories are. Users will be able to determine what users and companies are rated instantly when looking at the users and company’s profile. Users will also be able to rate the other users or companies products.

  • IMYPATH allows its users to rate peers profiles and post on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.
  • The user star ratings will be compared and ranked amongst peers in the same categories.
  • Also, the rating system allows you to both market your products and get an opinion about the product directly from the consumer.
What’s another reason why you should sign up for IMYPATH?

Our Messaging System:

IMYPATH recognizes that everyone communicates differently. In response we provide a platform which allows users to communicate via message, comments, ratings, captions/Image, Audio and Video.

  • Messaging: IMYPATH messaging system allows its users to write a message to any other user via Internet connection anywhere in the world who has an IMYPATH account.
  • Messaging: IMYPATH allows its users to delete messages from their message box and the receivers messaging box! This eliminates the “drunk text scenario”
  • Messaging: Messages are permanently deleted from the IMYPATH database and provides maximum security to its users. IMYPATH supports absolute privacy
  • Messaging: IMYPATH messaging system allow its users to see the rating of the person who sent them messages before they open the message.

We offer a more discrete and private experience:

IMYPATH understands that when you are conducting business, and communicating with peers, the need to communicate in a discrete environment is paramount.

  • Privacy: If you decide to delete your account, IMYPATH will completely erase your information from ALL of our servers, giving you absolute control over your information.
  • Privacy: IMYPATH does not support the practice of data mining. Because of this, IMYPATH will never sell your information to an outside source.
  • Privacy: As mentioned before IMYPATH allows you the ability to delete messages from both IMYPATH users. This affords you the ability to prevent someone from storing your conversations.

We are a NON-INTRUSIVE Ad free service:

  • Cost: The web site is free, however for your convenience the App is only 99 cent, available at your nearest app store.
  • Ads: IMYPATH recognize that pop up ads are annoying, and distracting, and takes away from the social networking experience. Because of this, we have a NON-INTRUSIVE AD policy. Users would have to choose to support a user or company’s category to see the company’s products or Ads. Also users can un-support a company’s category at any time.
  • Ads:You will never see an unwanted ad on your wall because the category list will enable you to view them at your leisure.
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